My name is Kaylee; I'm 25. I'm fueled by an overwhelming drive to discover myself. What does that mean? It means I strive to remove all the blocks and barriers that prevent me from being the fullest, brightest, truest expression of myself. It means to look within myself in times of confusion and upset, for it is within the self that the patterning may be unpatterned, the wounds may be healed, and the blocks may be released. I seek to release all that prevents me from actively experiencing divinity in every beautiful person I meet. That is to say, I seek to experience the one love that unites us all. The further I walk this path, the longer I'm able to sustain these periods of oneness, the longer I'm able to stay present to reality devoid of human filters. It's quite an adventure to live in a state of near constant evolution, a state of stringent self- examination.

This page was initially intended to chronicle my first trip to Peru (as you will see in older posts), where I explored expanded unraveled healed forgave and discovered much about myself. I am pleased to announce that the healing work continues. :) I'll get myself together and make a real website at some point, and you may feel inclined to follow me there as well, but for now I am delighted to share my discoverings with you on this Tumblr.

Maybe I am eccentric, a weirdo, or odd… because I am not of this world. I desire love, because I am love, I was created from love. Instead looking at my body or eyes… I want you to focus on my third eye… beyond space, and beyond time. Which is the true me; the universal me. Do you have that ability? By Awakened Vibrations (via lemurianvibrations)

DiscoverYou through Breath

In what ways do you discover YOU? Tonight I had breath for dinner, at my first introduction to clarity breathwork. Amazing.

I breathe in through the earth and release through the mouth. I surrender in the feelings that arise, and I release. I connect with the power of breath and I allow sound to reverberate through my being in a resounding “aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHH!” as the connection and strength is restored to my chakras, one by one. 

I swim in gratitude for this breath. This breath that brings life, this breath that produces this voice, this voice that provides a means to connect, to share, to facilitate transformation. Aho! 

Meet Aya

Ayahuasca is a strong plant medicine. She will guide you deep within yourself and uncover wounds that you’re ready to heal, ready to release, and ready to move through. My experience with Ayahuasca was overwhelmingly positive. That’s not to say it wasn’t a challenge, for the work you do at this retreat center determines the amount of healing that occurs. You don’t come to be healed; you come to heal yourself. With the support of Ayahuasca and the resident shamans, you’re able to move through things that hold you back from being the fullest brightest expression of yourself. My descriptions of the ceremony experience itself remain vague because I am committed to refrain from shaping your expectations according my personal experience. Why? Because each individual has a different experience, each individual develops a different relationship with Ayahuasca. If you have specific questions about ceremony I will do my best to answer openly in a way that supports your journey. I am delighted to facilitate your healing adventure. I’m here to answer questions and help you prepare for this trip!

I would love to take part in this trip please .. I would love some details

I would love to have you! and I’m delighted to provide details. Do you have specific questions? I’ve recently added some new links beneath the ‘about’ section. You may like to read through those and hit me back with questions. Talk soon! :) Kaylee